The Node

Still from the animation Awa by Saretta Fielding


Awa by Saretta Fielding

Soundscape by Rod Smith, animation by Headjam

From 7pm until 10pm | Until 30 April

Awa, an Aboriginal word meaning flat surface or plain, draws its inspiration from the stories and knowledge held and shared by the Awabakal people, the traditional custodians of this country. For thousands of years, Awabakal people have lived by Awaba (Lake Macquarie), fished, celebrated and come together under the protection of the great Eagle Hawk (Wedge-tailed Eagle).

Wonnarua woman Saretta Fielding’s gorgeous visuals celebrate the colour and beauty of life on the lake.  Watch as canoes head out into Cockle Creek for the annual mullet run, gathering together around a campfire to enjoy a great harvest. Footsteps enter from all directions towards the campfire, celebrating the coming together of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Lake Macquarie from around Australia.

The captivating soundscape created by Aniwan/Wonnarua man Rod Smith calls the viewer, inviting them to watch, listen and participate.

This animation was commissioned especially for the Node at MAP mima, and is inspired by the flat plain of the Node’s glass surface. The window reflects the lake back to us while sharing a special story about life on the lake. Standing between the building and the lake, we become part of this story, and Awa invites us to learn and come together in this beautiful place. 

The Multi-Arts Pavilion’s Awabakal name, mima, means ‘cause to stay’. Awa reminds us how long people have lived on these shores, and of our own duty to love and care for country.

Artwork details

Title: Awa
Artist: Saretta Fielding
Soundscape: Rod Smith
Animation: Headjam
Year: 2021
Format: Single-channel video, 2:12 mins
Image: Still from Awa, Saretta Fielding, 2021