Nicole Roca

Nicole is a nature enthusiast studying environmental science at university. In her spare time, she enjoys Australian wildlife photography, crocheting plants and animals, and loves making anything derived from repurposed or natural materials. She spends a lot of her time spreading awareness of native species, with wildlife conservation embedded in almost everything she does, including her art. She hopes to encourage others to find passion in the environment and strives to create educational and inspirational works that help fulfill this goal.

The majority of Nicole's work is inspired by nature's gifts, in an effort to connect others with the joy and passion that nature provides. She is most proud of her crochet works, representing light-hearted and cheerful version of animals, plants, pets and anything else that strikes her interest. These works utilise as many repurposed materials as possible, with wool, yarn, and stuffing typically obtained from second-hand stores and old textiles. Her soaps are unique in the fact that they consist of a range of materials such as goat's milk, beeswax, honey, coconut, and a myriad of essential oils for fragrance and additional health benefits. She also uses clay to create varying types of homewares and ornaments. Her art is opportunistic; constantly inspired by the materials around her and the new ideas that nature gives her.

Contact Details

0423 912 319