MAP mima commissions

Joel Zika - Valley of a Thousand Plants, Summer Commission 2023

Joel Zika, Valley of a Thousand Plants

Valley of a Thousand Plants served as a homage to the ecological wonders of Lake Macquarie.

Joel Zika used technology to transform the gallery space into a surreal microscope, allowing visitors to interact with oversized representations of local flora.

Zika, known for his exploration of amusement and entertainment technology in art, incorporated elements of fantasy into his depiction of nature. Through digital projections, smaller flowers like the Pigface Lily, Magenta Lilly Pilly, and Swamp Mahogany were magnified to astonishing proportions, revealing their intricate details.


James Price, WildLife

WildLife was an immersive moving image created by artist and storyteller James Price. With his distinctive graphic language, Price articulated emotions from joy to pathos, and humour to humanity.

Developed specifically for The Cube, WildLife was an 8-minute video work that posed the question: What if our emotions are their own environment? Through visually stunning imagery, viewers were immersed in a world where underwater bubbles transformed into birds, starts merged into schools of fish, and emotions bloomed like plants.

One of the most striking aspects of Price's work is his use of playfulness to engage audiences. By infusing the digital environment with whimsy and curiosity, he invites viewers to explore and interact with the artwork on multiple levels.


PluginHUMAN, Emerge

Developed by the artist duo PluginHUMAN, comprising Dr. Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer, Emerge was the first artwork to occupy the 360 degree projection space at MAP mima.

The work took visitors on an exploration of beginnings. Through reimagined moments of conception and the big ban, this video artwork immersed audiences in the essence of emergence. As microscopic details unfolded on the MAP mima project space, viewers were drawn into a world where the smallest intricacies were highlighted.

The installation created a seamless and immersive environment through projection mapping onto the Cube walls. The accompanying electronic fusion soundscape, featuring recordings of the local natural environment, enhanced the sensory experience, drawing viewers deeper into the otherworldly atmosphere of emerge.

PluginHUMAN, Emerge at MAP mima


Main image: Joel Zika Valley of a Thousand Plant 2023. Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima. Courtesy MAP mima.