The Catenary

Catenary at MAP mima

University of Sydney Design Lab

Celebrating the building's experimental nature is The Catenary, a collaboration between Lake Macquarie City Council and the Design Lab at The University of Sydney. Led by Dr Luke Hespanhol, students of digital placemaking have developed an interactive digital public art piece along the Speers Point Park promenade. Each evening more than 80 metres of programmable lighting will 'perform' an illuminated welcome for MAP mima audiences. 

Please note this is an illuminated artwork and is active for 1 hour after sunset each evening. 

A Night in Lake Macquarie

A Night in Lake Macquarie turns The Catenary into an immersive visual experience that connects us through our shared experience of looking up to the stars. Follow the link to send a 'shooting star' across The Catenary or sit back and enjoy an epic collision of colour and light. This interactive artwork encourages viewers to reflect on their own path while reminding us that we are individually a small part of a large community.  


Artwork details

Title: The Catenary 
Date: 2021
Artists: Dr Luke Hespanhol, Erin Louise Topfer, Emma (Shih Wei) Tsai, Rachel Rodriguez and Yanan Li  
Materials: LED lighting