Alina Jane

Alina started painting to entertain her nieces and nephews when they were young. Her early paintings were just for fun; many given as gifts to friends and family. In 2014 she painted a serene beachscape as a gift for a cardiologist, to help relax waiting patients. One loved it so much they commissioned a painting of their own, which was Alina’s first sale. That moment inspired Alina to take some risks and follow her dream.

As she explored new techniques and sought instruction from accomplished artists around the world, her skills and her following grew. Her experiences surfing around the world and her home in the idyllic Lake Macquarie region nurtured her love of water and coastal landscapes. Alina’s artwork is inspired by the many faces of water that are found on our beautiful planet – whether gentle waves lapping a peaceful shore or a ferocious surf break pounding a rocky outcrop, a gentle rain shower or a flooding downpour, light flakes of snow or brooding cloud formations, snowy vistas or refracted light dancing through gentle ripples lapping a sandy beach.

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