Leanne Ihnen

Leanne’s journey as an artist has been lifelong. It has taken her from one of a childhood delight in making beautiful stuff, to refining her skills as an art student, as well as to sharing her skills and the joy of making with others. Her current art practice is one where the process of making and creating, no matter what, where or how, big or small, is a necessary part of everyday life. Throughout the years the natural landscape in all of its awe-inspiring energy and subtle beauty, has been Leanne’s one constant source of inspiration. It has also been, and continues to be a very powerful metaphor. One through which she can explore, express and respond to this fast paced and ever changing world. Leanne returns again and again to her first true loves, nature photography and mixed media sculpture, but her current obsession is with textile art and the very magical and enormously addictive art of eco printing.

The practices and materials that Leanne employs in her art making reflect a desire for an engagement with the natural world and to explore this intimate and sensitive experience. Eco printing very much fulfils this desire. Eco printing has also awakened in Leanne an urge to create art with not just an emphasis on nature but on the use of natural and sustainable materials. The environmental impacts of the art making process is very much central to her current art practice. 





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