Lorraine Parker

I love working in textiles and on several art works at a time, to experiment and create new techniques and then to extend and apply these where appropriate. As an artist, my goal is to visually capture the essence of the environment and communicate this visually, using textiles, a very diverse medium. I aim to evoke a sense of nature, place, time or timelessness and to transport the viewer into their own experience or space where they may feel a connection or emotion.

My goal and preference now is toward the more abstract, hopefully leaving the viewer to interpret from their own perspective. As a qualified Secondary teacher I worked in the Northern Territory for 8 years teaching aboriginals of all ages. After transferring to NSW and working over 25 years I became a Technology and Applied Studies teacher. Part of this was Textiles and Design Education. My career culminated in Tertiary teaching and writing University Courses for teacher training.I also completed a 2 year course to become a qualified Judge in Quilting Arts through Britain. (completed in November 2018). This comprehensive, challenging but rewarding course required extensive research into art, design, the work of other makers and their artistic practice. I still love the challenge of facilitating creativity and innovation, but now work with adults. My Bachelor of Education in Behavioural Science. Macquarie University, has placed me in a position to respect and nurture all aspects of life. I have had several exhibitions in a number of regional areas and have had work published in ‘Down Under Textiles’ and more recently in ‘American Patchwork and Quilting’ under the title of "Quilting Changes Everything". Travelling widely overseas as well as in Australia has given me a wealth of inspiration and ideas for present and future projects."

My work in textiles includes many forms of fabric, fibre or yarn, thread and unwoven mediums such as batting, interfacing and plastic film. It may also incorporate found objects such as shells or bark. My art work usually consists of three layers but sometimes as many as five. Fabric dyeing, hand painting, digital printing, and mono printing, foiling, and constructing fabric using soluble film are a few of my 'materials'. Applique is a favourite technique as well as embellishment, fabric manipulation and mark making. Free motion machine quilting to create texture, mood and emphasis is used in all my work. Handwork has to be avoided as I have an atrophied thumb muscle. My work may be finished with binding, fabric framing, or with an 'organic' free form facing.

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