Monica Rocuant

Monica from Found Artistry and Co. uses recycled and media found in nature to create art, from large mosaic pieces to paper collage and loose weaving. She takes her inspiration from texture, nature and old used items. The purpose of her art is to be resourceful and reuse materials that maybe trash to create joy and interest in her pieces. Her mosaics are made from old tiles/china and ornaments and her collages are made from used and old paper. She resources her own weaving from her garden and bush walks to make baskets and arrangements.

Monica's mosaic art is created on fibre boards using recycled old tiles/china and ceramics. She breaks her own tiles and ceramics to use in her art. Her collage artwork is created on canvas using a variety of used textured paper and materials. Her natural loose weaving used to make baskets and dry flower arrangements are collected from her garden or bush walks and undergo a drying process before they are used in her creations.


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