Robin Ihnen

Robin’s journey as a fibre artist is not unlike the journeys of many female fibre artists of her generation. Starting out simply as her domestic "women's work", it has become one of growth and discovery, it has shaped and mirrored her life journey and has become a necessary form of self-expression, communication and connection. From fine needlework to free machine embroidery to her current loves of felting and weaving, and everything in between, throughout her journey Robin has discovered and explored endless techniques, textiles and fibres.As their expressive qualities have revealed themselves to her she has formed a deeper understanding of their endless possibilities.

Whilst still very much grounded in a respect for process Robin’s most recent works have evolved to incorporate more spontaneous techniques, abstract forms and natural fibres. In these works she attempts to draw and tease out the very essence of her materials. Over the many years one constant is Robin’s deep love and respect for the natural landscape. Its subtle delicate beauty and dramatic contrasts, it’s stillness and its raw energy is an unending source of motivation and inspiration to her.

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