Stephanie Macfarlane

Stephanie Macfarlane is a local Wangi artist, who works from her studio in her home. She studied at East Sydney Technical College before it became the National Art School, then put her paints aside to raise a family. Stephanie picked up her brushes again about 12 years ago, and has since had a successful selling career, as well as receiving a number of awards, She has works hanging overseas, as well as in collections in Australia. Stephanie is an active member of Art Lovers Movement which meets monthly at Cooranbong.

Stephanie primarily paints landscapes in an impressionistic style. She uses acrylic, oil or watercolour - or sometimes all three, as she also works in mixed media, adding ink or pastel to her compositions. depending on the subject and her mood at the time. Stephanie has painted a number of portraits, and usually likes to work in watercolour for portraits, She also paints abstract works. Stephanie has participated in a number of exhibitions in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas. She has shown in a number of Newcastle galleries.

Contact details


Phone: 0427 412 324