Mima : Beautiful Space

Mima : Beautiful Space illuminated

Hiromi Tango

Hiromi Tango is a renowned Japanese-Australian artist whose work spans sculpture, drawings, photography, installation and performance. 

Mima : Beautiful Space responds both to the Awabakal name for the pavilion, meaning ‘cause to stay’, and the homophonous Japanese reading of mi and ma meaning 'beautiful space'. 

This artwork was commissioned to illuminate the architecturally significant building – creating a beacon to welcome visitors to the site and herald its arrival. It is best viewed at dusk and early evening.

“The work gently glows on the walls of the building, healing colours and circular contours intermingling to create something new and vibrant. Ancient histories of the land, water and sky flow together to create a connection between nature and the architectural space.” 
Hiromi Tango

Mima : Beautiful Space is part of the Lake Macquarie City Council Urban and Public Art Collection. Commissioned by Lake Macquarie City Council, co-funded by Create NSW. 

Hiromi Tango is represented by Sullivan+Strumpf. Artwork fabricated by GandV, Brisbane. 

Artwork details
Title: Mima : Beautiful Space
Year: 2021
Artist: Hiromi Tango
Materials: Aluminium, LED lighting and paint