The Plays

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All plays performed in the festival are original works written and submitted by local and national playwrights. 

List of successful plays for the 2024 One Act Play Festival,

  • Dear Alexis by Ella Betterridge
  • For the Love of Battlesnake by Ricky Moonga and Sallyanne Scotton Moonga
  • Games Night by Ricky Moonga and Sallyanne Scotton Moonga
  • In Constant Motion by Zippie Tiffenright
  • Kraken by Helen Hopcroft
  • No-Man's-Land by Gary Helmore
  • The Agency by Alison Lancey
  • The Broken Clock by Leonard D. Goodisman
  • The Burglar by Chris Naylor
  • The Cleaner by Helen Hopcroft
  • The Library by Nat Newman
  • Waiting for Beckett... by Bronte Carrigan
  • Family Inheritance by Andrew James Macleod